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Re-dressing the bread balance | An anthropological perspective on the de-commodification of a staple food

There is compelling evidence that British bread is being re-imagined by resourceful bakers and bakeries. Some are setting up mills at their bakeries, using closed loop energy loops to power their ovens, running community projects and training programmes and reducing their waste. These bakeries strive to work directly with organic farmers who grow culturally indigenous grains to displace the harmful dominance of wheat, bake with mixed grains that are grown using agro-ecological methods, offer greater opportunities for livelihood economic models and utilise urban patchwork and city regional farms. The benefits are wide ranging, resourceful and value led. A solidarity of a virtual and physical community of bakers and bakeries has grown from the ‘bottom up’ in many countries such as America, France and Denmark through social media and campaigns that value the social reproduction of sustainable food skills, a healthier population, greater carbon neutrality, closer knit communities, agroecology and less packaging and food waste.