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Gingerbread Moulds

Most gingerbread moulds are not used as functional pieces. Instead they are now seen as decorative hangings that " hang in museums, or as ornaments in the kitchens of people who never use the, quite detached from their original purpose-the making of festive or celebratory cookies” (Riley: 2001: 193). Conversant with this aesthetic is the strong belief that the arrangement of kitchen utensils act as provocateurs to mnemonic strategies or create a kitchen landscape of tool and task. So the hanging up of a gingerbread mould makes prominent the opportunities for transmitting and engaging knowledge.  This is highlighted by anthropologist David Sutton who similarly describes the hanging tools on the blacksmith's workshop as an important element of the necessary stimulation of memory in the making process. Therefore the object as a visual trigger has the potential to actualise embodied skills and physical practice.