Public Food Anthropologist | Food Writer | Tour leader | Consultant

Independently documenting the craft of bakers who are challenging the C20th century culture of bread. By fusing together contemporary food know-how with traditions of the crafted loaf many small and medium size bakeries are changing the taste, look, ethics and style of a staple food.

Bee documents the work and attitudes of a range of experts from bakers to academics, to bread enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts. She writes, draws, presents at conferences, runs bread tours, leads bread workshops and manages community engagement projects. 

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Bread has been a staple food for over eight thousand years. Before the mass produced bread of the mid 1900's every culture crafted a local loaf, be it flat, tinned or hand-shaped. Today bakers are challenging 50 years of industrial and uniform bread by fusing tradition with contemporary global food know-how to create a new culture of the loaf. 

BREADEAR was formed in 2016 by public food anthropologist and food writer Bee Farrell as a personal project. She writes and talks regularly about bread and her illustrations and written work seek to document and celebrate unique and regional bread. She is a member of The Guild of Food Writers.

 BREADEAR products are made with the best ecologically certified card, inks and cloth from local ethical suppliers.